Technical Education Redesigned

Our training program starts from very basics to get you the skills and knowledge you need to excel.

Industrial Training simply means Teaching and to develop a special talent in the person called trainee. Our Training program-me develops expert skills to perform special tasks in IT world developing a new generation of Developers, Programmers, Designers and more IT Experts. Industrial training programs aims to train you on different platforms with live industrial projects and to give you the high quality IT training that will help you to find yourself in a respected position. The internship has designed in such a smart way that the students could get familiar with industrial professional since the beginning of the project and till the completion of the curriculum.

We at MBN Informatics will assist you to share your knowledge with the industrial experts to update and train the students on the latest technologies in IT. Summer Intership is really essential for the technical students, because it is official to grab an industrial internship from corporates, to complete their degree/diploma. It’s your right to achieve success, we support you to become an extra-ordinary talent. Our training courses are designed to give you essential skills to deliver effective products. Our training program helps you gain a bright career.

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When I started searching for good training offering Application development in Hisar, one of my friends who were already under training, suggested MBN Informatics. There is quality of experienced development and practical training which makes them different from others. I recommend MBN 100% to everyone.
The course has been good, I have enjoyed because of the way the modules are scheduled. There is a lot of flexibility, so you can do other things. I really enjoyed it and now I'm working as Web Designer !